The Risks of Not Having Adequate Insulation in Your Attic

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Attic insulation works by trapping tiny pockets of air between insulating fibers or foam, which slows down the flow of heat through a space. Because heat rises upward, the risks of not having adequate insulation in your attic is especially important.

The higher the amount of attic insulation, the longer it takes heat to move from the warm side to the colder side.

Here are some additional factors when considering attic insulation in Columbus.

Understand heat loss

Most heat lost in a home escapes right through the roof. Gaps between the living areas and the attic are most often the culprits, lowering the R-value of attic insulation and draining 30-50% of a home’s heating energy!

Call on a professional

In most cases, adding more attic insulation is a smart improvement for homeowners. However, it has to be done properly. Make sure you call a qualified professional to examine your entire attic before installing more insulation. An attic insulation pro will ensure that your new insulation doesn’t cause other unintended problems. These can include blocking intake vents and bath fans, or covering can lights and causing them to overheat.

Add more insulation

If the thickness of your attic insulation is less than R-30 (which equates to 11 inches of fiberglass), adding more could help you. In fact, Franklin County requires an R-30 insulation level for a home to be up to code, and Delaware County requires an R-38. The Department of Energy recommends from R-40 to R-60 for the best insulating values.

Blown-in fiberglass or fiberglass batts are both suitable attic insulation materials. Muth & Company Roofing usually installs blown-in fiberglass because it is more effective at providing improved R-value. This type of insulation is ideal for older homes. It can be blown into the attics and walls without damaging the home.

Winter is Coming – Is Your Home Ready?

Want to know more about the risks of not having adequate insulation in your attic? Our experts can give you answers and help you save.

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