The Top 3 Things To Do Before Installing A New Roof

installing a new roof

Before installing a new roof, these are the top 3 things you should do.

Installing a new roof is an expensive investment. Before making a choice on your local roofer, take time to learn more about their company and past work. And what they offer before investing in a new roof.

Get A List Of References Before Installing A New Roof

Before deciding on the roofing company, ask for references. Make sure they are fully qualified and have the appropriate insurance. You should also ask them for testimonials from previous customers before signing any contracts or making payments. Make sure you will be satisfied with their work before any work is done.

Warranties And Guarantees

Before deciding to purchase a new roof, it’s always a great idea to find out about their warranties and guarantees. Ask to see them, or at least check their website. Legitimate roofers proudly showcase these online. Also, before signing a contract with any local roofing company, check to see what type of warranty and guarantees are offered.

Liability Insurance Is A Must Before Installing A New Roof

The company should have liability insurance in case something goes wrong. This will protect you, the homeowner, if anything does happen. It is important before choosing a roofing contractor to check that they are properly insured, bonded and licensed according to state requirements. Do this before any work on your roof starts.

Bonus – Get Multiple Quotes From Different Contractors To Compare Prices  

Well before having your new roof installation, get multiple quotes from different contractors. Compare prices and warranties before deciding who to hire. There are many things involved in having your new roof installed.

The decision to install a new roof is often an expensive one. By taking the time to learn these top 3 things before installing a new roof, you can avoid making costly mistakes. These may put you in jeopardy of being unhappy with your investment for years to come. 

Hopefully, these tips will help guide you towards installing a quality product at a more reasonable price.

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