Why Storm Chasers Make Unreliable Roofers

storm chasers

It starts with a knock on the door, and a warm, friendly smile. And it can end with subpar roofing—if any at all. It gets worse during the storm season. This is when solicitors, or storm chasers, peddling roofing solutions seem to come out of the woodwork.

The bargain bin prices might seem tempting at first. But there are several reasons why contacting a local, reliable contractor like Muth & Company Roofing is the better solution.

Storm Chasers’ Promises are Meant to be Broken

The goal of every business is to sell. The problem comes when making a sale takes priority over quality—something you shouldn’t suffer for when it comes to your roofing. Doubtless, some door-to-door salespeople represent legitimate companies. But it’s not worth the risk of hiring someone who might be selling subpar materials or services.

It’s a little easy to tell because their prices, which you can check online, are usually far too low. If not, they might offer crazy deals on your deductibles. Whatever the case, the all-too apparent desperation is a red flag that you should look elsewhere.

Quality Will Always Trump Everything Else

The best “elsewhere” you can go is to call Muth & Co. Roofing or to check out our website. That’s the key here. We open ourselves up to fact-checking and investigation so you can be assured that our credentials are all in order.

It’s all in line with the oft-bandied axiom that you get what you pay for. And that quality begets quality. What that means for your home’s roof is that you get the best brand in the industry, GAF. We install with the highest professional standards in mind. Every job we undertake, we make sure that it’s done right the first time—every single time.

Choose Your Next Roofing Contractor Wisely

Avoid storm chasers and only work with reputable qualified local contractors, like Muth & Co. Roofing. It’s better to do it right the first time than pay less and have to redo it again!

So, if you have problems with your roofing, avoid the temptation and disappointment brought about by storm chasers. Call us today and we’ll give you a free estimate. This includes an honest inspection where we explain what problems you may have and provide cost-effective solutions that you can choose from. All of this is centered on the idea of quality customer service.

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