Chimney Safety Tips to Keep Santa Safe

chimney safety tips

Winter weather is finally settling in. And Christmas is only days away. Now is a good time to go over chimney safety tips to keep Santa safe. After all, you don’t want the jolly old elf covered in soot and grime from a dirty chimney, do we?

So follow these chimney safety tips for a safe, clean, leakproof chimney this Christmas.

Check the Flue Damper

The fireplace flue is the pipe through which the smoke and gases produced by a fire can travel up and out of your home. The damper is a metal cover that slides across the flue. This controls airflow and the size of the fire.

Inspect the damper to ensure that it operates smoothly and is airtight when it’s closed. It should have an intact lining to help close off the flue so there are no cracks or openings anywhere. Always remember to open the damper fully when starting a fire. If not, you will end up with a face, and home, full of smoke.

Clean Your Chimney the Right Way

Determine if your chimney should be cleaned before the first fire of the season. Put on some old clothes, a pair of goggles, and a dust mask, then grab a strong flashlight. Next, shine the flashlight up the flue and inspect the sides.

Over time, a substance called creosote builds up in fireplace flues. This is very dangerous and can lead to chimney fires. While a paper-thin layer isn’t a big deal. But anything over ⅛-inch requires professional cleaning. Gently scratch a groove into the black surface above the damper. This will help determine how bad the buildup is.

Check for Damage Inside and Out

Closely examine your chimney inside and out for cracks, missing bricks, and missing or damaged mortar. This all can lead to leaks and structural issues. Check the firebox, hearth, chimney crown, and chimney stack. Then schedule a professional inspection if you notice any damage.

Roof leaks often develop around chimney flashings. If you notice that the flashing is damaged or not sealed correctly give Muth and Company a call. We can quickly repair or replace your flashing and take care of any leaks or water damage.

Muth and Company Roofing of Columbus, OH, is happy to serve you this holiday season. If you need your chimney flashing checked or any other repairs done, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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