Has a Hailstorm Hit? Just Call Muth

The sound of rain drumming on your roof can be relaxing and soothing – but hearing the banging of hail is another story! While hail is rare in many areas of the country, it’s fairly common in this part of Ohio, and the potential for spring hailstorms leaves many homeowners nervous. Hailstorms can cause significant damage to homes, vehicles and landscaping, so it’s no wonder that they are a little worrisome. 

Has a Hailstorm Hit? Just Call Muth

Spring is just the beginning of hail season. While it’s hard to know when severe hail will happen, Muth & Company Roofing can help you deal with the aftermath when it does.   

Shingle Bruising…Ouch!

Hail damage can be difficult to spot. The impact of hail hitting your roof can cause a “bruise” in the membranes of the shingles. These bruises are sneaky. They’re tough to see and if they’re not caught, over time they’ll allow water to leak into your home. The Muth team has trained hail damage specialists who can assess the severity of the damage and offer solutions. 

Got Granules?

When severe bruising from hailstorms or even normal erosion occurs on roof shingles, granules begin to loosen and fall off, collecting in gutters and frequently causing them to clog. An excessive buildup of granules in the gutters is often a signal that it’s time for a new roof. Loose granules can also expose the remaining asphalt to subsequent storms and the harsh rays of the sun, so it’s important to address this problem as quickly as possible.

After a hailstorm, let Muth & Company perform a comprehensive inspection of your gutter system and roof structure to look for any warning signs of shingle damage, such as granule collection. We have the necessary experience and training to determine if your roof has suffered hail damage, how bad the damage is and whether a roof repair or replacement is needed. When you hear a severe weather warning, rest assured that you’ve got the Muth team to help you weather any storm. Call us at (614) 682-3060 to schedule your roof inspection today!

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