Attic Ventilation Improves Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

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Attic Ventilation Improves Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency


Go up to the attic on a hot summer day.

Chances are you will be met with a blast of hot, humid air.

Have you ever wondered if your attic ventilation affects your air conditioner’s efficiency?

Under ventilation causes your air conditioner to work harder. This makes it more difficult to keep the upper levels of your home cool. Fortunately, Muth & Company Roofing has tips on how to save money on your energy bills. All by improving the ventilation in your attic.

Installing Attic Vents Increases Attic Ventilation

Not only does an unventilated or under ventilated attic contain humidity from the air outside, it also is hit with moist air from the floors below. This humidity comes from clothes dryers, hot showers, and a variety of other sources.

It’s important that these sources of warm, moist air have proper attic ventilation up and out through the attic. This prevents the buildup of moisture. This can damage your insulation, leading to mold growth, and a host of other problems. The Muth Roofing team can come out and install those vents for you.

Upgrading Attic Insulation Improves Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Also, inadequate attic insulation is another factor that may contribute to an under ventilated attic. The sun beating down on your roofing adds hot attic air.

That’s why having the right amount of insulation in your attic is important. It keeps that heated attic air from radiating down through the attic ceiling into your house. Muth Roofing, a top Columbus, OH roofer, can perform an attic energy efficiency inspection for you.

Installing Attic Fans

It’s important to cool down your attic space. This will keep superheated attic air from leaking into your house. As its name implies, a rooftop attic fan sits right on the roof. It pulls out stale air and replaces it with cooler outside air.

With gable fans, you will have two separate units. One will be at each end, with one fan blowing in and the other out. Solar-powered versions of these fans are popular because they turn off and on automatically with the sun.

If you need help from qualified, competent Columbus, OH roofers to help make your attic more energy-efficient, don’t hesitate to give Muth & Company Roofing a call at (614) 682-3060 today.

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