How to Check for Roof Hail Damage

hail damage

hail damage

When a hailstorm rumbles through our area, it’s important to check for roof hail damage.

Your first instinct might be to check the hail damage to your vehicles. However, it’s important to also check for roof hail damage.

Hail damage to a roof can be even more problematic than hail damage to cars. Damaged shingles can lead to leaks.

Here is what to look for when inspecting your roof.

Check metal for dents and dings

When doing a visual inspection of your roof, start by checking areas with soft metal. This would include the gutters, downspouts and exhaust caps. If you find dents on metal, they’re a good indication of damage to your shingles as well. The dents and dings can also give you an idea of how big the hail was.

Examine the ridge cap and shingles

Because it is flat, the ridge cap is usually the part of the roof that will take the brunt of the damage in a storm. Using necessary safety precautions, set up a ladder, climb to the top of the roof, and closely examine the shingles and ridge cap for dents and other indications of damage.

Pinpoint the type of roof hail damage

There are three main indicators of roof hail damage: bruising, missing asphalt granules, and cracking.

  1. If you see portions of the roof that look black, this means that the asphalt granules protecting the shingles have become loose, revealing the substrate underneath.
  2. Bruising on shingles is not as easy to spot, but results in small dips on the surface. If these dips give when pressed on, it’s a sign that the shingle has begun to break down.
  3. Hail can cause wood shingles to crack and split, and can make circular cracks on asphalt shingles is large pieces of hail hit with enough force.

After a large hailstorm, it is always a good idea to have a local roofing professional inspect your roof for damage that the untrained eye can’t see. Our roofers at Muth & Company Roofing are trained to spot damage. They’ll let you know if you need to file an insurance claim, and arrange for roof repair in Columbus when necessary. Just give us a call at (614) 682-3060 for an evaluation and FREE estimate.

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