Insulation: A Year-Round Concern

No matter what the time of year, “insulating the attic” will always be an important item on your home maintenance to-do list. Even though it may feel like winter is winding down here in Columbus, we know all too well that winter isn’t over … yet. And once spring comes to stay, summer heat and humidity won’t be far behind. 


If your energy bills this winter have seemed unusually high, chances are your home doesn’t have enough attic insulation, which means your summer air conditioning bills will likely be just as high. If this is the case for you, it may be time to call on the best local roofing contractor, Muth & Company Roofing, for a complete attic energy efficiency inspection.

Why Call Muth & Company?

When you schedule an attic energy inspection with Muth & Company, one of our representatives will perform a comprehensive evaluation and inspection of your home and attic, including ventilation areas. We’ll then provide you with a detailed written account of any problems and, most importantly, how we can offer solutions. Any issues that we find will be handled quickly and efficiently, before they have a chance to turn into bigger problems.

Why Insulation Is Not a DIY

Painting a room, changing out a light fixture, replacing old flooring … projects such as these are fairly straightforward, making them perfect for avid do-it-yourselfers. Installing attic insulation, on the other hand, is a project that’s best left to the professionals for three important reasons.

  1. Building standards for insulation in Ohio vary depending on where you live, and it’s important to meet the minimum requirements for your specific area. At Muth and Company, it’s our job to stay current on the insulation requirements for every county we serve. 

  2. Prep work is important when it comes to an insulation project. Soffits, bath fans and other electrical work can pose challenges that are best left to the pros. Improper venting or vent pipes that aren’t installed correctly can end up causing major problems with your attic and roofing

  3. An attic can be a dangerous place in which to work. Floorboards aren’t always secure, and accidents can happen if you aren’t used to working in a confined space. The Muth team has years of experience working in attics and on rooftops, and we know all the precautions to follow to perform our job safely. We’ve got it all covered, so stay out of your attic and let Muth climb up there for you!  

If you want to know for sure that your attic is up to snuff, a complete attic energy efficiency inspection by Muth & Company will give you the answers you need. Contact us today at (614) 882-0900 to talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members and schedule your inspection.

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