Storm Chasers: Who They Are and Why You Should Avoid Them

When you hear the term “storm chaser,” you probably think of someone who chases storms and tornadoes for the thrill of it. The storm chasers we’ll discuss here, however, have a much more selfish aim in mind – to scam unsuspecting homeowners out of their hard-earned money with poor workmanship and inferior products.

Storm Chasers: Who They Are & Why You Should Avoid Them

How the Scam Works

As the name suggests, storm chasers move from city to city in the wake of severe storms. 

Many of these roofing companies have a “here today, gone tomorrow” philosophy. They know exactly how the insurance companies operate, and how to manipulate homeowners by providing a low estimate, then doing only the absolute minimum the insurance requires and pocketing the profits. This method of operating doesn’t address the actual issues with your roof, and when combined with inferior products, the result is roofs that don’t last and require extra maintenance and repairs, which will end up costing you more in the long run.  

Spotting a Storm Chaser

Luckily, storm chasers tend to stand out. First of all, since they’re not local roofing contractors, they won’t have any local references you can check into. Also, the license they present to you will be registered somewhere else, which is another indication that you’re dealing with a storm chaser. They also frequently resort to aggressive sales tactics to get what they want, often becoming pushy and not taking no for an answer. Additionally, in terms of their services, they tend to be vague about what exactly they’re offering. 

While many out-of-area roofers who put forward their services after storms are legitimate companies, hiring local is best. Not only will you be supporting a business in your community, if any problems arise with the work done on your roof, a local company will be able to respond in a much more timely manner than a crew that’s out on the road on another job. Make Muth & Company your go-to roofing contractor, and give us a call at 614-682-3060 the next time you need roof or gutter repairs after a major storm. 

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