Learn The Basics Of Roof Systems

Learn The Basics Of Roof Systems

Learn The Basics Of Roof Systems

You should know and understand the basics of roof systems. So when the time comes that your roof needs fixing, you’ll truly know what to do.

You can ask Columbus roofing contractors everything—from what shingles are best for your home, to how does ventilation help the life of a roof. To help you get to know your roof systems better, we at Muth & Company Roofing want you to understand three of the most basic roofing terms: the fascia, the soffit, and the deck.

The fascia

The fascia is located between the end of the rafters and the gutters. Gutters attach to the fascia. It is the horizontal flat board you see at the eaves. It’s responsible for covering the rafters or the edges of the roof.

In terms of function, it serves to protect the rafters against the outdoors and different weather conditions, avoiding water infiltration and damage. It contributes to your home’s curb appeal as having fascia boards can give your home a sleeker look from the outside.

The soffit 

The term soffit comes from a Latin term that means “to fix underneath” and a French term that means “formed as a ceiling.” You can find this at the underside of the eaves. It is the part facing the ground. The term is also used to refer to the underside of an archway or staircase.

Functionally, the soffit serves to help ventilate the home. It has small holes that assist in air circulation within the attic to avoid moisture from forming, which can hasten the deterioration process.

The deck

The deck is the second-outermost layer of the roof. It serves as the roof’s second skin. It’s where you will find the outermost roofing layers. Usually, decks are made from these four options:

  • Plywood is extremely durable and light. You will find most decks with this material.
  • Oriented strand board, or OSB.
  • Tongue-and-groove 2 × 6 is great for insulation and aesthetics.
  • Step sheathing assists in ventilation under the roof.

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