The Importance of Roof Insulation and Ventilation

The importance of roof insulation and roof ventilation. Let Muth Roofing inspect your home.

The roof is an integral part of your home as it protects your structure against inclement weather. Without it, your walls and foundation are vulnerable to damage. A well-maintained roof in itself can be an excellent defense against harsh elements. Still, there’s something you can do to improve its performance.

As your experts in roof repair, Muth & Company Roofing recommends looking into your roof insulation and ventilation. Here’s why:

Attic Ventilation: Enhancing Your Roof’s Life Span

According to ENERGY STAR, “Attic fans are intended to cool hot attics by drawing in cooler outside air from attic vents (soffit and gable) and pushing hot air to the outside.” Since not all homes are the same, it pays to check with a professional roofer to determine the kind of ventilation you need.

The reason many homeowners vent their attics is to reduce moisture buildup. Others want to improve their home’s energy efficiency and increase their savings.

However, attic ventilation can also extend the life span of your roofing. This is made possible with the elimination of heat and moisture under your roof deck. Removing these elements will prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Further, it can also prevent various problems like deterioration and the warping of roof components.

By addressing moisture issues, you can significantly increase your roof’s life expectancy.

Roof Insulation: Increasing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Did you know that heating and cooling your home accounts for approximately 48% of your overall energy consumption? This is according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A typical house loses 44% of its available energy because of poor insulation.

Think about it: Without any material blocking it, warm air will naturally rise upward. Cold air, on the other hand, will descend. If you want to improve the energy efficiency in your home, you need to do something about your roof insulation.

Choosing The Correct Insulation

Keep in mind that not just any kind of insulation will do. The right kind will help reduce your energy costs. Additionally, it can also help keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter.

At Muth & Company Roofing, we have trained experts who can help you determine your insulation needs. We provide a complete printed report together with our recommendations. Should you decide to follow through with our recommendations, we have skilled workers ready to help you.

We are the go-to specialists for various roofing services. Aside from attic insulation and ventilation inspection and installation, we also do roof installation and roof repair.

You’d be surprised at the number of benefits a well-maintained roof offers.

Muth & Company Roofing will be ready to assist you with all your roofing needs. Call us today at (614) 682-3060 to learn more about our products and services.

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