Timing Is Everything For Roof Repair or Replacement – Part 1

Roof Repair and Replacement


Roof Repair and Replacement

Your roof is in need of attention. If you’re watching every dollar you spend, here’s a tip: timing is everything for roof repair or replacement. Roofing contractors work all year round, so technically speaking, you can get a roof repair or roof replacement done any time, depending on the weather and temperatures.

Planning your roof repair or replacement during the winter actually may work your advantage

The busiest time of the year for a roofing contractor is from spring to right around when the air starts to get nippy during fall. Fall is the peak. This is when homeowners start to get their homes ready for the coming winter. They want to take care of damage dealt to their roof by the previous seasons.

How does waiting for the slow season give you better value for your money?

It has a lot to do with financing options. The best time to replace or repair your roof is when you have planned ahead. Make sure you have the money to cover the expense. At Muth & Company Roofing, we understand that the need for roof repair or roof replacement is often unexpected – and may leave you wondering just how you’re going to cover the bill.

A Quick Tip

You can book a contractor during winter. But schedule the job itself for when the weather warms up a bit—usually just a matter of a few weeks.

A roofing project is no small undertaking.  Get several referrals and investigate a variety of companies before settling on one. Read Google reviews, check with your local Better Business Bureau, or simply word-of-mouth appraisals from friends and family members can help make choosing a roofer an easier decision.

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