3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Gutter Guards

gutter guards are important for your home

The removal of leaves, pine needles and other debris from gutters is a tedious but necessary task homeowners must perform to keep gutters performing up to par. That is, unless you have a gutter protection system like Alu-Rex in place! The installation of gutter guards is a complicated process, so if you’re thinking about doing it as a DIY project, first consider why it would better to call in a professional from Muth & Company Roofing.

Gutter Guards

Safety First

Ladders are risky to use in the best of conditions, and balancing on a ladder while trying to install a product you’re unfamiliar with can increase that risk. Working with metal gutters is a safety concern as well, with sharp edges that can easily cut someone who is inexperienced or isn’t wearing appropriate protection.

Making Things Match

Finding the right color and style of gutter guards to match your gutters may seem like a simple undertaking, but it’s actually more complicated than it seems. The guards come in so many different materials and styles, it can be hard to know where to start looking and which options will work best for you. The Alu-Rex gutter protection system is a great choice because it works with all gutter styles and can be mounted to your current gutter system. Our experienced installers can help you choose the coordinating colors and materials that will look best on your home.

Warranty Woes

Gutters may look sturdy, but they can actually be quite fragile. One misstep in the installation of your gutter guards, and you could accidentally bend or break your gutters or cause other damage that could end up voiding the warranty on the guards, the gutters or even your roof. This means you are out the money in the event gutter repair or other work is needed. Hiring a professional installation team familiar with warranty requirements is a much better option.

If you have a question about gutter repair, or are just fed up with cleaning your gutters, give Muth & Company a call today at (614) 682-3060 for a FREE estimate on an Alu-Rex system for your home.

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