How To Ensure Proper Attic Ventilation

The Benefits of Ventilation

 Attic ventilation has a specific purpose, which is dependent on the season. In the summertime, as heat rises to the attic, ventilation provides a release for the hot air that would otherwise cause your AC to work overtime and your utility bills to skyrocket. In the winter, when ice dams are a problem, venting out warm air will help keep your roof cool enough to prevent the snow and ice on your roof from melting and forming dams of ice at the edge of your roof. 

Determining How Much Ventilation You Need

In general, you’re going to need about one square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of ceiling space. Other factors will affect these numbers as well, such as how many vent grates you have on your roof. But don’t worry, you don’t have to figure out these calculations on your own. If you think your attic’s ventilation may be lacking, the trained roofers at Muth & Company Roofing can determine the exact amount of ventilation your home needs. We would be more than happy to explain how the process works.

How an Attic Fan Can Help Cool Your Home

To cool your attic down further, consider installing an attic vent fan. This type of fan operates by pulling cool outside air into the attic, then pushing the hot air out. This decreases the heat in the attic and reduces the strain on your AC unit for more efficient cooling. Be sure to check with an experienced roofing contractor who can help you choose the correct size. Sizing is important with attic fans: get the wrong size, and it may not be able to move the air enough for you to be able to feel a noticeable cooling effect.

Call for More Information

It’s important to call on a knowledgeable, reputable professional if you have roofing issues that need addressed. At Muth & Company Roofing, we have years of experience with ventilation, insulation and all other aspects of your roofing system, so give us a call at (614) 882-0900  with any roofing questions or concerns you may have. 

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