Our Pre-Work Checklist: Plus Tips on Better Roofing Projects

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Many homeowners have come to us for advice on starting a project. We’ve been working on roofing in Dublin OH for many years, so it’s only natural that we have quite a lot to say about the subject. But perhaps the most important lesson we can pass on to you is this: communication is key.

At the discussion stage of the project, your roofer may ask you a number of questions. Don’t be alarmed. Try to answer as truthfully and thoroughly as you can. This will help your contractors get the job done exactly the way you like it.

Here at Muth & Company Roofing, we like to get to know the home and the owner before starting any project. We have a Pre-Work Checklist that we have our clients answer so we can better provide the service they hired us for. Below are examples of questions we ask:

  • What time should we begin and end work each day?

Your schedule is important to us. We would like to work on your home during hours that are most convenient for you. This way, you’re not distracted from your time with the family, business, or any other activity.

  • Do you have any special needs or requests?

Each home is unique, so we understand if you have special requirements or considerations. Do you have pets we need to watch out for? Or neighbors who might have concerns about us working atop your roof at certain hours? Inform us of these things before we begin the project so we’ll know what to avoid or do more of.

  • Can we park equipment on your driveway?

Roofing is a complex project that requires special tools and equipment. We like to be thorough, so we bring our own vehicles, machinery, and a dumpster to the jobsite. Some equipment may be heavy, and we’d like to know if you prefer that we don’t put them on your driveway. If this is the case, do tell us beforehand about an alternative place to park our equipment.

You can view the rest of the checklist here. Complete all the fields in the form so we can get started on the roofing project you have in mind.

Bonus Tips: How to Better Communicate with Your Roofer

For the best roofing in Delaware OH project, follow these additional tips:

  • Be clear about what you want out of the project.

Homeowners ask transparency from us roofers, but this honesty should go both ways. Give us a clear idea of your expectations and goals right off the bat. More importantly, don’t wait until we’ve started the project to tell us you want something else.

  • Got questions or concerns? Speak up!

Project specifics can sound gibberish to many homeowners. That’s all right. If something isn’t clear, don’t be afraid to tell your roofer so. It’s important that you understand all aspects of your project so you won’t be surprised later on.

  • Have a little faith in your roofer.

We encourage our clients to engage in the project. It’s your roof and home, after all. We appreciate all the feedback and input we get, but once the project starts, leave the rest to us. You can trust us at Muth & Company Roofing to get the job done right the first time.

For more information on the services we offer, call (614) 682-3060 today.

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