Watch Out For These Roof Shingle Issues

There are certain types of shingle problems you should be aware of.

The most common issue is shingles that are starting to loosen, making your roof more prone to wind damage and moisture.  The snow may be gone, but rains are still an issue, so make sure you address this.

Cracks are a problem too, as brittle components will start to expose the weakness of your gable.

Age and moisture can buckle roof shingles, which opens your roof to the possibility of wind and even more moisture entering the house. When this happens, you run the risk of costlier fixes over time.

Another age-related problem with shingles is curling. This calls for gluing the portion down with a sealant. 

If there are broken shingles, they need to be replaced.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Before investing in a new home, take the time to ensure that a thorough roof inspection has been performed by a certified professional. Sit down with the roofing inspector prior to closing to go over any problems encountered, and make sure they are addressed before the sale goes through. To schedule an inspection, give Muth & Co. Roofing a call at (614) 882-0900. Our team of experienced roofers can advise you of your options and take care of any roof repairs that may be necessary.

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