When It Comes to A Roofing Warranty, You Get What You Pay For

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

A new roof is a big investment. You want your roof to last for years to come, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the roofing warranty offered by the various roofing companies you check out. As you do so, you’ll soon see why the GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty offered by a GAF Master Elite® certified roofing contractor like Muth and Company Roofing is the way to go.

You get lifetime coverage with a GAF Roofing warranty

Most manufacturers require you to use certain products to qualify for their roofing warranty. If damage to one manufacturer’s roofing material is caused by another’s faulty product, the first manufacturer is not held liable for the damage.

Here at Muth and Company, we only use products approved by GAF.  If there’s a problem and you have the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. Your entire roofing system receives lifetime, non-prorated coverage by GAF.

Your roof is covered even if the installer goes out of business

A big advantage of the Golden Pledge Warranty comes from the workmanship coverage.

The average contractor offers a workmanship warranty of 10 years. GAF blows the competition out of the water with its Golden Pledge Warranty, which offers a 25-year roofing warranty on workmanship. Regardless of who installs the roof. This is in addition to lifetime coverage of the roofing system.

Independent factory inspections

The benefit of an independent factory inspection is that the roofing company is out of the picture. This means that if a problem arises and the original roofer has gone out of business, you are under warranty. Even if you want to use a different contractor!

Keep in mind, though, that not every roofing company can provide this kind of roofing warranty. The roofer you choose must be Master Elite certified. And you must purchase the Golden Pledge Warranty.

Comparing roofing warranties, it’s clear that GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty is the way to go for maximum protection for your roof. And remember, only Master Elite contractors like Muth can offer it, so if you’re ready for a new roof, don’t hesitate; give us a call today at (614) 682-3060.

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