Buying a New Roof? 3 Questions to Ask a Contractor Bidding Your Job

Worthington home new roof

We understand buying a roof can be a daunting investment. How do you know what exactly needs to be done? All the talk of ice guard, hat vents, soil boots, ridge vent and shingle color can be overwhelming.

GAF roofing system

That is why we took the time here at Muth to find out the most important questions your roofer should be able to answer, according to our sales representative, Chris S. Whether you are talking to us or someone else, we hope these questions can make you confident in your choice.

  1. Who is installing it? Are they certified in the roofing system they have planned for your home? Are they using a roofing system?

What you install and how it is installed all impact the life of your roof. Similar to clothing, high-quality fabric falls apart if not sewn properly and cheap fabric, even if stitched perfectly can wear down quickly, your roof works the same way. That is why at Muth, all of our roofing technicians and installers are GAF certified. Therefore, they are properly trained and tested in the GAF roofing system. The GAF system of products works together to ensure a long life for your roof. This training also ensures both your 25-year installation warranty, as well as your 50-year shingle warranty.

  1. Are you looking in my attic? Is my roof properly ventilated?

Ventilation is important to the life of your shingles. Improper ventilation affects the way your roofing system works together. Here at Muth, we ensure every Muth roof has balanced ventilation. Proper ventilation requires a specific ratio of intake and exhaust. Just like your roofing layers, ventilation is also a system. Adding proper ventilation sometimes adds cost – but that additional cost can ensure this large investment lasts.

  1. Is my bathroom fan being vented outside? If not, will you fix it?

This important feature is often overlooked, but it can make or break your leakproof system. Bathroom fans must always be vented outside of the home, either through the roof deck or an exterior wall. Bathroom fans that vent into the attic will cause moisture to build up, ultimately leading to damage such as possible leaks, mold, rotten wood, or moist and compacted insulation. Muth’s experienced sales representatives always check and confirm the ventilation of your bathroom fan, and provide a solution if a problem is found.

Chris S. has been working for Muth & Company Roofing for 10 years. He began working as a technician until he switched to a sales position. He loves being face-to-face with a customer, making them feel comfortable and confident in this company. Thanks Chris! We here at Muth hope this helps you in your roof-buying process.

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