Can Your Roof Survive Another Winter?

roof survive the winter

With winter approaching, can your roof survive another winter? Does it need a few repairs to get it in top shape for winter weather? Will it even make it through the winter?

Can your roof survive another winter?

Consider these warning signs from Muth and Company Roofing to ascertain if your roof needs replaced.

There are watermarks and stains on your interior walls and ceiling.

Do you notice stains on your walls or ceilings? These are one of the most obvious signs that you have roof damage. While they may be caused by a leaky pipe or loose flashing, your best bet is to get a complete roof inspection. We can determine if the leak comes from one of these issues. Or the roof as a whole is failing and needs replacing.

Several of your neighbors are getting new roofs.

Shingle roofs last from 20-30 years. If yours is 20 years old and you notice that other homeowners in your neighborhood are getting their roofs replaced, there’s a good chance your roof is nearing the end of its life as well. Homes in the same neighborhood tend to have been built within a few years of each other. They have gone through the same weather conditions. So it’s common for their roofs to wear at the same rate.

Some shingles are showing signs of damage or missing completely.

Shingles that are cracking, crumbling, blistering or curling have outlived their usefulness. This exposes your roof to the ravages of sun and rain. If some of your shingles are missing completely, but the remaining ones show no other sign of damage, a simple roof repair in Columbus, OH, may be possible if you catch it quickly enough. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check your roof for damage immediately after a strong storm.

There is granule build-up in your gutters.

Some granule loss from asphalt shingles is normal, particularly toward the end of their life. If you see a thick layer of granules in your gutters, more than what you have seen in the past, step back and take a look at your roof. If there are bald spots and larger dark patches where the granules have worn off, your roof is ready for replacement.

Hearth Financing Options

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